Welcome to Maglev Energy



The ongoing issue of rising fuel costs and global climate change is affecting individuals and businesses worldwide.
MagLev Energy is committed to creating an emissions-free future for generations to come by incorporating our
patented power generation technology into new and existing products.

 With fuel price futures unknown they  could easily climb once again...MEI has a solution for vehicles (trucks,  buses, RVs) that provides air-conditioning and auxiliary power without  running the primary engine. Save cost and eliminate idling emissions!  

 MEI Auxiliary Power Units are  self-contained with internal battery, non-invasive installation and  provide up to 10 hours of sleeper amenities.  Recharge battery via shore  power or when the truck engine is running.  Comply with no-idle  regulations! 

 MEI permanent magnet motors are so  efficient they require no cooling!  Sealed, quiet, with no sensors or  brushes, our motors exhibit flat torque, HP, and efficiency curves.   100% adaptable for pumps, A/C, lifts, and electric vehicles. 

 MEI Vertical Wind Turbines are an  improved, patented design that self-start in low wind with full  output  at 25 mph, bird-friendly, and are magnetically suspended to minimize  friction.  Small footprint, various sizing is available.